Kiddy Academy Hunts Cross – Toddler City 2 Messy Play





Hi Everyone,


Our Toddler City 2 Class have been so busy today enjoy some creative messy play.

They have had flour, gloop and angel delight provided for them. They decided to put their gloop into one of our large trays and used their hands to explore the different textures. They used the flour play in one of our other trays and used different containers and tools to fill them. The angel delight they decided to use in their role play area with spoons and bowls and feed it to their dolls.


The children really enjoyed the activity and building their fine motor skills to prepare them for school.

Look how much fun they had 🙂


📚KIDDY ACADEMY WAVERTREE📚 baby room visit the library xxx

📚 KIDDY ACADEMY WAVERTREE 📚 our baby room visiting our local library, here they listened to our story of the month ‘Goldilocks and the 3 bears’ the babies also enjoyed exploring books of their own choice, turning pages, looking at different images and exploring new surroundings! We are so lucky to have such a beautiful library on our door step more visits here very soon! 🤗 parents and carers don’t forget you can volunteer to come along with us on our community walk/visits 🥳

🏴‍☠️KIDDY ACADEMY WAVERTREE🏴‍☠️ pirate day 🗺🦜 xx

🏴‍☠️KIDDY ACADEMY WAVERTREE🏴‍☠️ on Thursday 19th September we joined in with ‘talk like a pirate day’ This was lots of fun, the children enjoyed coming in to nursery dressed up, we make treasure cakes 🧁 created our own pirate maps 🗺 and finger painted colourful parrots 🦜 our P.E. Lesson was also adapted to a pirate theme thanks to mr Katen

We also found out why pirates are called pirates……………. because they arrrrrrrrrrr 😂 xxx