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Thank you key workers ❤️💙💛

Kiddy Academy Hunts Cross School Ville 2 Our children have been learning all about our brave key workers who continued to work during lockdown and what their jobs entail. Here they are practising making people feel better with PPE our Doctors and nurses have been...

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Writing at EYFS age

Do you ever worry about your child’s ability to write? This thought crosses a lot of parents minds especially now in the run up to school. This picture shows the hand of a typical child at EYFS age and a typical hand of a 6/7 year old child. The development of the...

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Kiddy Academy Hunts Cross #keepingcool

Kiddy Academy Hunts Cross School Ville 2 Our children were feeling a little bit hot and bothered with all the warm weather we’ve been having so they discussed things they needed to keep safe when it’s warm and one of them was to keep hydrated. They decided to make a...

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