Learning and Development

We deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage, the current interests and stage of development of each individual child is their own foundation for learning.

Through practice and regular training, the staff are highly skilled in providing stimulating activities for each child that best suits their developing needs. The staff use an “observation -planning-assessment‟ cycle to aid them in this.


Each child will be allocated a key person who will record observations on the child on a daily basis to assess and evidence the child’s individual learning journey of development. This will include things such as what their preferences and interests are for play, things they say during play and new developments they make. These are kept as a record of the developments and progress.


Each child’s key person will use the observations they make to plan appropriate activities for them. This will be done on a monthly basis. The activity planned will be focused around the individual child’s interests and their current development stage. It will be designed to challenge the child whilst being interesting to them. Once the child has taken part in the activity, the key person will evaluate and further plan accordingly.


The information retrieved from observations and activity evaluations will be used to form assessments for each child, to be shared with parents. Informal assessments could occur daily through discussions upon collection. These assessments will be recorded and shared with parents via our Tapestry System and more formally during our parent’s evenings, where a Progress Report for each individual child will be produced. There is opportunity for discussion and response from parents which may then be used to inform future planning.



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