How does the nursery communicate with parents?
At Kiddy Academy we see one of our key strengths as partnership with parents. We strongly believe that children learn best when parents are actively involved in all aspects of Nursery life. All children will receive a daily sheet that will provide you with all of the information you will need to know about your child’s day. Verbal hand overs are provided on a daily basis for all children. Newsletters are posted each quarter on the nursery website and provide information regarding up and coming events. Important information is also displayed on the parent’s notice board.
How often does my child go outside?
Here at Kiddy Academy one of our philosophy is that the outdoor is one of our best classrooms. Children in our nursery will go outside a minimum of once per day. Children of different ages can access the garden freely as all 3 sites have access to a secured garden area where children can freely explore in a safe environment.

All 3 settings own a 6 seater pram bus which enable children of all ages to go on local outings.

What if my child requires medication or falls ill at nursery?
Please see Medication Policy.

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How do you manage children’s behaviour?
In all 3 sites we have a designated behaviour coordinator who is fully trained in this area. The management and behaviour coordinator work together to ensure our behaviour policy is up to date and robust. All practitioners will work with parents and children to promote positive behaviour in our settings and use therapeutic behaviour management techniques at all times.
Will I get help towards fees from tax credits?
Tax credits are paid directly to parents; if you need further information please click the link below:




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