On Tuesdau 23rd August, we had our annual visit from Zoo Lab to see our Toddler City 2 and School Ville children.

This year we chose the story of Morph the Munching Millipede. Which is a story based on The Hungry Caterpillar. The children got to meet millipedes, giant African land snails, a tarantula, a cockroach, a tree frog and a corn snake. The children really enjoyed the experience and got to hold most of the animals individually. Peter from Zoo Lab told the story involving each animal and elaborating about each one so the children could learn some facts and get the most out of the experience.

This fitted in nicely with our topic at nursery for these classes at the moment as we have recently just had some caterpillars delivered so we can observe the process of them morphing into butterflies. 20160823_092929  20160823_093013       20160823_095014 20160823_095133      20160823_095726   20160823_100101    20160823_100137    20160823_100322 20160823_100518 20160823_100650   20160823_100909       20160823_101224   20160823_101427   20160823_101534     20160823_101710  20160823_101733        20160823_095133        20160823_100208    20160823_100859        20160823_101522    20160823_101710 20160823_101910  20160823_102021